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About BFH Initiative

Branding For Her (BFH) is a nonprofit Initiative started in 2016 supporting women owned businesses with Free Brand Development and Brand Support Services to reposition their brand and kick-start their ideas.

But after reviewing our previous performance we concluded that instead of helping them to create and develop their brand; we can provide them with the required skill that can enable them to do it themselves. Hence, the repositioning of Branding For Her Initiative and it approach.
Branding For Her Initiative is now positioned to Equipped Women Entrepreneur with Skills to grow their businesses and Y oung Girls with Entrepreneurer Skill set so that they can become an empowered women.

[ 2 Goals ]

* Bridge Gender Equality Gap.
* Create more Empowered Women.

The world needs more Empowered Women not just to bridge the Gender Equality gap alone but also to raise the next generation of female leaders.

Temitope Ajayi
Founder BFH Initiative


Design for Business Growth (DBG) Training

Design for Business Growth Training will teach women entrepreneurs
Professional Design Skills so they can create outstanding visual design
and marketing communications that will enable them to attract more
customers and grow their businesses.


Branding For Her Initiative 2016

We were able to deliver Brand Development and Support Services worth $5000 to 10 Beneficiaries at the first Branding For Her event in 2016.

Program Highlights: Training, Award Presentation, Partners Speech and $500 worth of Branding Service presentation to each Beneficiaries.

Previous Partners

We could not have achieved the Branding For Her Initiative 2016 Program success without our amazing partners that believed and support our goals and visions.

Want to know how you can support us as we journey round 5 Cities to empower 1000 Female Entrepreneurs?

No support is little, it will all go a thousand miles.
We will love to hear from you.


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